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Solo exhibition + Catalogue

Gallerie Espace  - Montreal - Canada



Click on the image to download the catalog or contact us to order a hardcover copy.


Stéphane Lajoie, civil engineer, began in 2011 a professional course in visual arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal, which will lead him in 2014 to establish the foundations of his professional artistic practice.  


The pieces presented in this catalogue are the completion of an original and renewed expressionist style development that translates into an inspired approach partly through his engineering background, which first materializes in raw wood framed cardboard boxes newspaper collages creation, reminiscent of construction site palisades typically found covered with dilapidated advertising posters. Inspired by these early pieces, the artist then developed two original and distinct technical branches: the first being that of figurative deconstruction-reconstruction in the creation of expressionist paintings; the second being that of infographic recovery in the creation of posters from photographs taken from his collages.  


Premise of this artistic research, artist's reflection is orchestrated on a double response; firstly to street arts, by showing that it is possible to reverse the relationship between art and the street; then to digital art, by confronting it with the necessary use of painting in the integration and retouching of digital images. For the street, it itself becomes a work to be displayed indoors, thus legitimizing a generally illegal art. While for manual techniques, their association with digital aims at reconciliation between tradition and evolution, historically in discordance.  

In addition to this reflection, the artist takes up in his collages and reproductions the leftist counter-capitalist editorial line of the French monthly "Le Monde Diplomatique" which becomes more subtle in his paintings where his shapes and colors vocabulary contributes to the industrial ideology decline theater, emblem of economy contemporary bankruptcy to ensure societies and their environment sustainability.


STEET POSTERS series works are available in various formats on photo media (poster), fomecore, wood, acrylic and metal. To order

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