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Arts & Engineering

INGANG's professional expertise in visual arts and infrastructure engineering dates back to 2014, the year of its establishment. INGANG innovates by combining under the same entity the passions of its founders which are the realization of projects and the development of the visual arts.


Today, INGANG employs more than a dozen professionals and experts in the project management, civil engineering and visual arts sectors.

Your gateway to expert advisors

At INGANG, we have redesigned engineering in its execution, integrating project management, design and delivery processes on a centralized and secure virtual platform accessible to project teams in real time. 

Specialized in civil infrastructure engineering and water treatment, INGANG works in the public, commercial and industrial sectors, according to the highest engineering standards. Our service agreements also allow us to offer multidisciplinary mechanical-electrical and structural services to ensure the optimal integration of projects into their environment.


Painting, sculpture, prints and infographics

Corporate member of the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV), INGANG organizes commercial exhibitions and produces catalogs of works of art.


INGANG also offers infographics services focusing on the integration of extracts from paintings for the creation of digital and printed documents.

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